Cycling made safe by RBbell.

A road bike bell is an essential part of bike safety. Making yourself known to others on a shared footway is your responsibility and will enhance the level of safety within the cycling community. The road bike bell can be used as a courtesy to warn other cyclists, joggers, walkers and pedestrians of your approach so that they have an appropriate amount of time to react. Are you aware that a cyclist can be fined up to $153 in Australia for not having a working bell? Buy a bike bell online or visit a bike retailer today for safe cycling.

Make Yourself Heard

The RBbell battery operated road bike bell is ideal for warning others of an approach. Remember that shared footways can be congested at times with other cyclists, joggers, walkers and pedestrians. With a simple press of a button, the RBbell will give a loud sound to ensure that others have enough time to move aside and potentially avoid a collision.

The Bell For All Ages

Easy to install and easy to use, the RBbell road bike bell is suitable for any age. It is also suitable for all stages in cycling, whether the cyclist is a young entry learner or an experienced cyclist. The RBbell is also the perfect companion for the elderly or those with arthritic hands as the activation of the bell is a simple press with the thumb, and does not require a hand to be removed to use it. Also easy to install, the RBbell bike bell snap-fits to any handlebar.

What Safe Cycling Means

Riding a bike begins at a young age and it is important to instil in first entry riders the importance of safe cycling. Safe cycling not only involves obeying road rules, such as crossing at lights and signalling when changing directions, but includes ensuring that you wear a helmet, plus install lights and a aware and alert at all times so that you do not collide with others who are using the road bike bell. It is important to be same shared pathway. Being a safe cyclist will promote a safer cycling community to ensure that everyone can enjoy a recreational activity on shared pathways.

Confidence At A Young Age

Young children who are learning to ride a bike will gain confidence at an early age as they are able to keep both hands on the handlebar whilst pressing the button to activate the sound. It is extremely important to instil confidence at a young age and the RBbell battery operated road bike bell is designed encourage young riders to become safe adult cyclists.