The ultimate in cycling is a combination of having fun and staying safe

Road Bike Bell

A safe ride with the simple press of a button
Have Fun

Cycling allows you to have fun whilst at the same time keeping fit. Individuals will often cycle by themselves, in pairs or with a local cycling group.

Stay Safe

The safety aspect of cycling has become a key focus area of this popular recreational activity are now law enforced in numerous countries.

Easy To Install

Installing the RBbell bike bell is a simple process… made even easier with an installation demonstration video.

Make Yourself Heard

Ideal for warning others of an approach. Remember that shared footways can congested at times with other cyclists, joggers, walkers and pedestrians.

About Us

What RBbell Stands For
we stand for innovation and safety. We also stand for fun.

At RBbell, we stand for innovation and safety. We also stand for fun. After all, why ride a bike if no fun is involved?Ten years ago, when the person behind the RBbell (Road Bike bell), began cycling as a recreational hobby, dedicated cycling clubs were a rare find. Looking back even further, cycling was almost unheard of. Nowadays is quite the opposite. With cycling now being one of the most popular recreational activities, bike paths and roads across the world are becoming increasingly congested with not only cyclists, but others who enjoy to walk and jog on shared footways. Needless to say, everyone using a shared footway needs to be mindful of others around them to keep safety levels high, so that everyone can make the most of their favourite pastime.

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